Dr. Chris Okafor warns that a former Minister & a Governor may be next to die, if…


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Dr. Chris Okafor warns that the remaining half of Prophecy number 8 on his 16-point 2016 prophecy will happen sooner than later, if prayers are not offered. He also warned that prophecy number 11 on his list was nearing fulfillment if the individual concerned does not seek the face of God immediately (reference to the current Kogi State Governor)

PROPHESIES FOR 2016 by Dr. Chris Okafor (Dec. 31, 2015)

See some of the prophecies that already came to pass (in brackets)

  1. A more deadly sexually transmitted disease worse than HIV AIDS has been released from the kingdom of darkness. We need to be very prayerful and careful. (Zika Virus now a sexually transmitted disease and spreading fast)
  1. I see more Disasters taking place this year. But God will preserve His children.
  2. America and Europe must pray fervently in this year.

I see the rise of religious fundamentalism in Europe, and serious crisis with the US elections. If care is not taken, there may not be an election in America. I see Obama suddenly changing his mind to run for 3rd term, sparking off serious crisis. They must pray to avert all these.

  1. Nigeria must pray for a former military head of state. Seems like the end of the road.
  2. I see a calendar representing the entertainment industry- some prominent people have been marked with the circles on the calendar for death. We seriously need to pray for the entertainment industry.
  3. I see Nigerian Football returning to Glory days.