10 Bizarre But Also Very Real Fears Every Woman Can Relate To


1. Going to get a bikini wax while on your period and them accidentally catching your tampon string on the wax strip and yanking it out.

2. Watching Netflix while in the bath but being scared that some pervy man has hacked into your webcam and can see you.

3. Someone going to pick something off your chin and fearing that it may just be a hair they’re about to pull out.

4. Washing your hands next to someone in the bathroom but fearing that you’re not washing them well enough so overwashing them just to make a point to the complete stranger that you know how to wash your hands.

5. Wearing a max-absorbent pad during your heavy flow and worrying that people can hear the sound of your pad swishing.

6. Standing up on your period after sitting down for a long time and worrying that your uterus has exploded all over your seat.

7. Having layers of gross dead skin on your feet yet being worried about the stubble on your legs for your pedicurist.

8. Not locking the door properly in a public toilet and being walked in on by your crush, who happened to be in the same restaurant, while you’re taking a shit.

9. Getting your eyebrows waxed by someone who slips a little while she’s working on you and accidentally takes the whole eyebrow off.

10. That you’ve been doing sex wrong your whole life but everyone’s been too polite to tell you.